Startup fundraising

Startup fundraising is a complex process, and if you’re not fully prepared, it can be overwhelming and time consuming.  No matter what stage of a capital raise you are at, or who you are procuring funding from, the more you can do beforehand, the easier your life will be.

Your startup raises money in rounds of investment usually from a small seed money and a short runway, to bigger funds from investors and VCs that focus on specific growth points. It’s important to; (1) secure your ideas while raising funds, and, (2) to plan for growth. After too many rounds of funding, you won’t have much left to offer to investors.

Using a virtual data room like SmartRoom will help you secure and streamline the entire process.  Built with features specifically designed to reduce administrative work and speed up negotiations – SmartRoom will help you close successful funding rounds – faster. 

Bootstrapping or Seed Funding.

At this early stage, it is most important to protect your business idea while approaching your friends and business acquaintances for funding sources. Use SmartRoom to present your pitch, look more professional while securing your business ideas.


Crowdfunding sites are literally very crowded. Standout with the best dataroom platform that Investment Banks and Private Equity organizations use to fundraise and manage assets.

Angel Investors.

Angel investors often come together in groups to scrutinize business proposals, in order to select the perfect candidate to invest in. SmartRoom provides analytic insights to the level of interest of each investor, giving you leverage when reviewing term sheets and negotiating.

Venture Capital.

Venture capital funds are managed by professionals who may also provide mentorship and expertise in addition to the funds. VCs often have pre-designed exit strategies and thus need to effectively monitor the progress of companies they invest in. Investor reporting is very robust and efficient with SmartRoom.

VCs often require a good dataroom to vet many business ideas and companies to invest in. Present your ideas professionally. Pitch with SmartRoom!


Business incubators dot major cities for years to nurture startups, often in a controlled community with offers from subsidized office spaces to IT tools. SmartRoom is the best tool to organize and collaborate, and prepare the startup company for prime time audience with funding sources.


Business accelerators organize startups into “campuses”, with the goal of fast-tracking them to reach growth points often in just a matter of months. It is most important that in these accelerated stages the accelerators maintain commitment. When commitment drops, the startup might spiral downwards and fail. Increase commitment by getting organized with SmartRoom, through good investor reporting, and a more efficient way for cofounders and managers to collaborate while building social proof.

Bank Loans or Government Programs.

Bank loans or funding through government programs for startups both require submissions of well-structured business plans, business cases, profit forecasts, valuations, estimated maturities, and project reports. No better way to present these professionally and securely, than with SmartRoom.