Our Story

Michael Eco Inc. is a professional services team who can help you transition and operate an initial system, a business function, or build from the ground up in the Philippines. We are Your Team.

Originally conceived and founded in 2000 as a technology services company specializing in website build, multimedia design and creation, and on-premise small software development under a different brand. The team has recently transitioned to an engaged consultant and an outsourced services provider in the manufacturing and services industries across multiple verticals.

We leverage our decades of business process engineering experience and strong technology orientation to be a reliable partner and consistently deliver on our promise.

Our Approach

We will be your partners, as you expand your horizons, cross borders, and grow your business. We will provide you not just local insights, cultural contexts or community representation, but also, we will be your foot soldiers and local enablers armed with years of expertise to ensure your success.

Meet Your Principal Consultants

If you think we can help you, or perhaps just curious at what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always ready and engaged.

Michael Eco


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Michael is a senior management executive and business developer with more than 20 years of leadership experience from the engineering and manufacturing, to the technology‐enabled‐services industries in the Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe. Michael has led high‐volume manufacturing in the automotive global supply chain with primary responsibilities in P&L management, quality management, product development, sales and business development, business process design and engineering, human resource, and, alliance and stakeholder management. He has run successful multinational businesses since 2003 with direct P&L responsibilities. On technology and services, Michael has led shared services operations and client service delivery in the legal, medical and healthcare, and the financial services lines of business with particular focus on mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, divestitures, IPOs, and corporate restructuring. He has also led corporate strategy, product conceptualization and software development initiatives for more than 10 years. Michael has completed Bachelors in Chemistry and a post graduate in Strategic Business Economics. Michael also holds a certification for Master Project Manager with the American Academy of Project Management. He is also a certified COBOL programmer in the early days of software programming and development.

Lee Cheol Ho (Joey)


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Joey (Cheol Ho) has built a 15‐year brilliant career in technology and electronics starting as a software engineer working with wireless and mobile phone technologies for the LG Electronics R&D. Joey has worked with the most competitive telecommunications engineers developing WLL and PDA phones for both Indian and South Korean telecom companies. He gradually transitioned to include client-facing responsibilities when he moved to the Myriad Group, a Swiss IT company where Joey is the technical services manager. His career development has since grown by leaps and bounds through several progressions in senior sales and business development roles in the web application space, software toolkits, telecoms, wireless and mobile, and related professional service businesses. Joey also spent more than 3 years in cloud and SaaS sales and alliance management. Joey is a multi‐awarded salesman and the ultimate business developer. Joey’s relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction has been his defining key sales value. He spends all his waking moments looking for new sales and business development opportunities. He is a firm believer in always “staying hungry”. Joey has finished his Bachelors in Electronics as well as his Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from the Chungbuk National University in Korea.

Toru Fukuda


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Toru has more than 15 years of senior leadership positions at Nomura Securities (Tokyo and London), followed by several years at Sony Life Insurance. In 2005, Toru founded the Fukuda Research Institute which is a corporate consultancy business specializing in investor relations (IR), financial planning, IPO consulting (initial public offering), and various business consultancy practices addressing Nikkei‐listed corporations, investment banks, private equity organizations and M&A advisories. The Fukuda Research Institute has since conducted IR and IPO consultations to more than 180 companies, and has advised more than 800 businesses on various financial and corporate issues. Toru holds multiple professional credentials including CFP (certified financial planner), Business Management Society of Japan, Japan Director of Commerce International, Secretary of the Japan Management Operations Research Institute, Secretary of the Japan Management Accounting Research Institute, Security Analysts Association of Japan, National Employers Federation (Japan) Advisor, and Japan Financial Planners Association certified instructor, among many others. He is also a part time lecturer at the Kanto Gakuin University in the department of economics school of business administration. Toru completed Law at the Waseda University and Shanxi University in China, and an MBA from Bond University Australia.

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If you think we can help you, or perhaps just curious at what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always ready and engaged.