Business Services

Start up or migrate operations to Cebu and the Philippines. Our strength is in providing local expertise enlightened by global experience. You will find our guidance valuable in setting up your manufacturing operations, technology enabled services, outsourcing and BPO, and shared services centers.

We can help you from business registration, to setting up your operations, to dealing with government and the local community.

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Management Consulting

We understand outsourcing, re-shoring, and business transformation, beyond the buzzwords and beyond cost arbitrage. From start up to day-to-day management, your goals of lower cost, quality, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency will be our mission.

We are committed in helping you continue to provide value to your customers. We are your cost efficient partner in managing your cost center operations, or provide assistance in developing and building your markets if you are operating a profit center.

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Real Estate & Retirement

We belong to a network of real estate practitioners in the Philippines with consulting capabilities that include due diligence, concept & design, project development & implementation, sales & after sales, and property management.

With special partnership with the Philippine government, we can also package a real estate buy with a Special Resident Visa. Whether you’re retiring or doing business, this visa status allows you multiple entry privileges, customs duties and tax benefits, easier and guaranteed repatriation of funds, among many others.

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Who We Are

Michael Eco Inc. is a professional services team who can help you transition and operate an initial system, a business function, or build from the ground up in the Philippines. We are Your Team.

Originally conceived and founded in 2000 as a technology services company specializing in website build, multimedia design and creation, and on-premise small software development under a different brand. The team has recently transitioned to an engaged consultant and an outsourced services provider in the manufacturing and services industries across multiple verticals.

We leverage our decades of business process engineering experience and strong technology orientation to be a reliable partner and consistently deliver on our promise.

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If you think we can help you, or perhaps just curious at what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always ready and engaged.