Business Services

Start up or migrate operations to Cebu and the Philippines. Our strength is in providing local expertise enlightened by global experience. You will find our guidance valuable in setting up your manufacturing operations, technology enabled services, outsourcing and BPO, and shared services centers.

We can help you from business registration, to setting up your operations, to dealing with government and the local community.

Business Registration

Our consultants will assist you on the planning, formation, and registration of your business with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for corporations and partnerships or the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for proprietorships. We will also assist you on registering with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR – the local tax bureau), and various local government units and agencies to get you started doing business quickly.

Should you prefer to buy a shelf company instead (shell company), we can also facilitate.

Virtual Office & Website Development

If you’re not ready to create your physical office yet and its corresponding resource requirements, we can also assist in arranging a cost effective Virtual Office for you. Fees will vary depending on inclusions (such as secretarial & virtual assistants, meeting room use, sales force drop-in center, bookkeeping and reportorial support, payroll support, etc.).

We can also develop and build your company website or homepage, provide maintenance services for your websites and social media accounts, and run marketing campaigns for you.

Operations Setup & Representation

We can assist you in sourcing your office location, set it up, and get it ready for your operations. We can also assist in hiring your first managers and employees. We can provide advise on HR and labor situations and best practices as you build your teams.

We can represent you to the local community, the various government agencies and even industry groups, so that you will be connected and well-networked even before you get started.

Management Consulting

We understand outsourcing, re-shoring, and business transformation, beyond the buzzwords and beyond cost arbitrage. From start up to day-to-day management, your goals of lower cost, quality, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency will be our mission.

We are committed in helping you continue to provide value to your customers. We are your cost efficient partner in managing your cost center operations, or provide assistance in developing and building your markets if you are operating a profit center.

Real Estate & Retirement

We belong to a network of real estate practitioners in the Philippines with consulting capabilities that include due diligence, concept & design, project development & implementation, sales & after sales, and property management.

With special partnership with the Philippine government, we can also package a real estate buy with a Special Resident Visa. Whether you’re retiring or doing business, this visa status allows you multiple entry privileges, customs duties and tax benefits, easier and guaranteed repatriation of funds, among many others.

Special Resident Visa

The Special Resident Retiree’s Visa is a special non-immigrant visa for foreign nationals who would like to make the Philippines their second home or investment destination. This visa was originally intended for retirees, but more and more business people have availed of this visa to do business instead. Whether you are 35 or 65, we can help you facilitate your application and avail of the many perks enjoyed only by citizens and even more.

Visa & Condo Package

For active/healthy retirees (or those who wish to engage in business while availing of this Special Resident Visa), and opt to use their Visa deposit into an active investment such as the purchase of a condominium unit or a long term lease of a house & lot we can help. The Visa deposit is as follows: 35 to 49 years old : US$ 50,000; 50 years old & above : US$ 10,000-20,000.

We can assist in both the application for the visa, and in the procurement of the best real estate asset currently available.

Real Estate Consulting

If you’re a developer, investor, or property management firm, who wish to invest in the booming real estate industry in the Philippines we can help you.

We do asset representation in behalf of land owners and building owners who wish to divest or JV. We also do end-to-end consultancy with and in behalf of developers, investors and property management firms from concept & design through project development and property management.

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